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Zachary Sep 20 2009 5:43 PM
I've never been dancing at the scout house before, but I have danced else where. If I don't own a pair of soft soled shoes, is dancing barefoot an option?
Hi Zachary, while we don't recommend dancing barefoot for safety reasons there are several folks that do. Please remember the hall is a renovated barn and the floor is old... and therefore has some "irregularities" you'll need to be aware of. A well brushed set of street shoes with a leather or rubber sole would be fine too.
Paul Lizotte plizotte((AT))rivier((DOT))edu Jan 08 2009 3:43 PM
Monday night was great, but the sound was not. Particularly with accordion, guitar, and violin, the sound needed monitoring and adjusting throughout the night. Sometimes the accordion overpowered the fiddle, sometimes the guitar . . .
I think Jack did the initial adjustment, but there probably needs to be someone responsible for the sound in the hall afterwards.
Thanks for the feedback. We will have members of the dance team listening and provide mix feedback to the stage. Please let us know if you hear issues with the sound and we'll address them as quickly as possible.
Don (Web Site Admin) mondaycontras_web((AT))veino((DOT))com http://MondayContras.com Jan 03 2009 2:48 PM
Your comments and suggestions regarding the Monday Contras dance series are welcomed. Please share your thoughts with us!
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