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Dear Community,

The Monday Contras dance is making a change to our admission pricing for 2017, trialing a new scheme in Q1. Our aim is to make it easier for those feeling pinched to be able to attend - while also hopefully allowing us to continue to pay our performers a fair amount.

Beginning Monday, 2 January 2017, our admission pricing will be on a "You Pick" pricing scheme:

$5, $10 or $15 per person.

When entering, you tell us what you're paying. Suggested nominal admission remains $5 student & $10 adult but you are free to pick any value. No questions asked, we're happy to have you attend at any offered price (and have volunteer opportunities for free admission should you need it). If you're able and motivated to pay more, please do pick a higher amount - any additional income over our costs will go straight to the evening's performers.

This is an experiment. We're not trying a full sliding scale because that makes the job of our door sitting volunteers more complicated. Hopefully the choices offered provide much of that benefit without the complication.

Please lend us your support and patience as we try out this change.

Monday Contras Committee