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Contra Dance Instruction

Please note that we do not run a formal beginner's class at our Monday series (nor do any of the other dances held in Concord).  While there are many reasons for this, the simplest explanation is: the best way to learn contra dancing is to dance with experienced dancers.  Learning in a class full of beginners means you get to primarily dance with other folks who are just as confused as you are.  Wouldn't you rather be guided by a partner who knows what they are doing?  If you come with another newcomer, we highly recommend that you dance the first few dances with another experienced dancer and then join back with your friend for a dance.  You'll both have a better time, as will the other dancers in the hall.

We are happy to ease this process for you -- just let the person at our admission table know you are a beginner when you arrive.  We can set you up with one or more friendly experienced dancers who will help you through some of the basic moves, before joining in on the dance, and then partner with you for a dance or two.  By then you'll be in great shape and ready to enjoy the rest of your evening, dancing with everyone.

If you're not comfortable just starting in cold, here are some links to a beginner lesson series produced and posted on YouTube by a contra dance community like ours, down in Georgia :

Ready now?  Come join us!