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MondayContras is run by a volunteer committee. We welcome other volunteers to help with the Monday night dances!

Dance Night Positions

We routinely need people to help with the duties of actually putting the dance on for a given evening.

There is a sign up sheet available near the admission table for the following positions.  If interested, please sign up in advance on that sheet when attending in person at the dance.

Dance Staffing Volunteer Positions


Overview of Duties

Consideration Offered

Door Sitter Arrive by ~7pm, get entry table set up. Greet incoming people, take admission and tally the evening's till during the break (free to dance for the second half of the evening). Full details on the process here. Free admission for the night you sit plus three passes for a future dance
Lemonade & Cookies Host Purchase supplies and make lemonade in time to be served with the cookies at the break (at appx. 9pm, between halves of the dance).  Clean the lemonade station and implements before the end of the evening. Free admission for the night you host and reimbursement of your costs for the lemonade mix & cookies (up to ~$10)
Clean Up At the conclusion of the dance: dry mop the dance floor, secure windows, remove misc. items left in hall, tidy bathrooms and put trash in dumpster One pass for a future dance


Other Volunteer Positions

From time to time we may seek help with other duties related to making the Monday night series a success.  These will be mentioned in a general announcement at the dances and/or in an email to our Yahoo groups list.

Volunteer sign-up sheets (Door Sitter, Lemonade Host, Floor Sweeper): [editable Open/LibreOffice] [pdf]
Dance accounting form: [editable Open/LibreOffice] [pdf]
Fragrance-free sign: [editable Open/LibreOffice] [pdf]