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Monday Contras Sound System

The Monday Contras committee owns and operates a sound system for our dances. In very rare cases we may loan such equipment to other qualified folk/dance community organizations for on-site use at the Scout House, please see a dance committee member regarding this possibility.

If you're a Monday Contras dancer and have an issue with the sound at our dance, please tell an organizing committee member! We do our best to make it sound as good as possible. Note that we can't make it match everyone's ideal volume level - all we can do is find a place where the majority of people are happy with the sound, which invariably means someone in the crowd thinks it's too loud and someone else will think it's too soft (that's the nature of an average, but we aim to be not far skewed!). We have disposable ear plugs available at the front desk if needed.

If you're a band member or caller booked for our series and have questions regarding equipment you need, contact us.

System Basics

The equipment we have is centered around the Tapco/Electro-Voice 100M "Entertainer" powered mixer. There are two mains speakers permanently mounted to the proscenium opening of the Scout House stage to service the hall and two EV100S speakers used as monitors on stage. A small caller's monitor is available but not typically used. A series of wired microphones, microphone stands and associated cables are provisioned. We do not have extensive DI boxes, etc. so performers should bring any specific equipment they may need to connect to the XLR cables feeding the board or ask if we have what you need.

The user manual for the powered mixer is available on the Electro-Voice site here.

Bob Mills wrote an excellent guide on basic operation of a sound system for folk dance type events, titled "All Mixed Up" - which pretty much matches our equipment and how we set it up. Printed copies of the material are available from CDSS but Bob also hosts an online version on his site.

We run our system in MONO mode. Two speaker mixes are output - one for the mains (with the board connected via a speaker cable (not a guitar cable) to a 1/4" jack permanently mounted at stage right) and one for the monitors - which is daisy chained between them (again, using speaker cable - not guitar/instrument cable).

If you use our equipment, we expect you to return it in the condition and basic settings you found it in.

What this means:

If you encounter any problems or weirdness with the equipment or lose/break something, report it to us immediately! We depend upon this equipment to be operational each and every Monday night for our dance community.

QSC GX3 Power Amplifier Manual