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Mondays 7:30-10:30 pm

General Admission - You Pick a Price:

 $5, $10 or $15

After 9 pm: $3

Beginner Session 7:10 pm

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Current Schedule
Date Band Caller
10/30/2017 Catherine Miller (fiddle), Amy R. Larkin (fiddle), Larry Unger (guitar, banjo) & Jack O'Connor (mandolin, banjo, percussion) Linda Leslie
11/06/2017 Eric Boodman (fiddle), Debby Knight (piano) & Jack O'Connor (mandolin, banjo, percussion) Ron Blechner
11/13/2017 Special Concord Scout House Fundraiser with Childsplay and Lisa Greenleaf - see ConcordScoutHouse.org for details!
11/20/2017 Liz Faiella (fiddle), Dan Faiella (low whistle & guitar) & Eric Eid-Reiner (piano) Sue Rosen
11/27/2017 Julie Metcalf (fiddle, jaw harp), Scotty Leach (piano) & Jack O'Connor (mandolin, banjo, percussion) Rich Sbardella
12/04/2017 Rachel Panitch (fiddle), McKinley James (cello), Max Newman (guitar, foot percussion) & Jack O'Connor (mandolin, banjo, percussion) Linda Leslie
12/11/2017 Catherine Miller (fiddle), Eric Eid-Reiner (piano) & Jack O'Connor (mandolin, banjo, percussion) Laura Johannes
12/18/2017 Julie Metcalf (fiddle, jaw harp), Max Newman (guitar, foot percussion), Stuart Kenney (bass, banjo) & Jack O'Connor (mandolin, banjo, percussion) Dereck Kalish
12/25/2017 NO DANCE - Christmas Day N/A
  Please rest assured - if you don't see any further dates here, it doesn't mean our dance is going away!
We're simply still working on finalizing our wonderful upcoming talent. Please check back again soon.